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Reflections on Data Natives conference, October 2016

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A conference for the data-driven generation!

It’s late October 2016, an incredible crowd of young data-driven peeps are on their way to Berlin, looking forward to meet many other peeps with the same attitude at the Data Natives conference: Doing business with data or seeing a huge value in using data for the future. Besides the crowd I was not only impressed by the location but also by the amount of startups at the conference.

The schedule for two days was full packed with talks and it wasn’t easy to choose between all these interesting topics. So I decided not to give myself too much pressure. Instead I cruised  through the program, and stumbled on some highlights.

Follow Up Data Vault EXASOL Webinar

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In July 2016 Mathias Brink and I had given a webinar how to implement Data Vault on a EXASOL database. Read more about in my previous blogpost or watch the recording on Youtube.

Afterward I became a lot of questions per our webinar. I’ll now answer all questions I got till today. If you have further more questions feel free to ask via my contact page,via Twitter, or write a comment right here.

FCO-IM at TDWI Roundtable

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FCO-IM Example

FCO-IM - Data Modeling by Example

Do You want to visit a presentation about Fully Communication Oriented Information Modeling (FCO-IM) in Frankfurt?
I’m very proud that we, the board of the TDWI Roundtable FFM, could win Marco Wobben to speak about FCO-IM. In my opinion, it’s one of the most powerful technique for building conceptual information models. And the best is, that such models can be automatically transformed into ERM, UML, Relational or Dimensional models and much more. So we can gain more wisdom in data modeling at all.

But, what is information modeling? Information modeling is making a model of the language used to communicate about some specific domain of business in a more or less fixed way. This involved not only the words used but also typical phrases and patterns that combine these words into meaningful standard statements about the domain [3].


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Danke für den guten Vortrag beim TDWI zum Thema Data Vault! - TDWI Conference MUC 2014

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Das war eine professionelle Präsentation und der Inhalt war sehr gut! - 2. DDVUG

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