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Generating large example data with TPC-H

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Several times I had the need for some large data sets to do some Data Vault tests at customer site, writing a blogpost, doing a demo or a webinar and many more. And sometimes I need data to do performance or data usage tests on different databases. Due to my work together with EXASOL I focused on the TPC-H tool DBGen to generate gigabytes of data.

To share my experience with DBGen generating large data sets I wrote this blogpost as a step by step instruction.

Look Back Over TDWI 2016

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Last week in June I was at the TDWI Conference 2016 at Munich. ITGAIN, my employer, had as a platin sponsor a booth to present our products and services!

In my point of view, it was another great TDWI conference at Munich with a lot of awesome people I could talk with - including an interesting discussion about data architecture with Mark (Madsen) and all the nonsense happening in the Big Data world.

High performance - Data Vault and Exasol

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You may have received an e-mail invitation from EXASOL or from ITGAIN inviting you to our forthcoming webinar, such as this:

Do you have difficulty incorporating different data sources into your current database? Would you like an agile development environment? Or perhaps you are using Data Vault for data modeling and are facing performance issues?
If so, then attend our free webinar entitled “Data Vault Modeling with EXASOL: High performance and agile data warehousing.” The 60-minute webinar takes place on July 15 from 10:00 to 11:00 am CEST.

Meetup – Data Vault Interest Group

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I reactivated my Meetup Data Vault Interest Group this week. Long time ago I was thinking about a table of fellow regulars to network with other, let’s call them Data Vaulters. It should be a relaxed get-together, no business driven presentation or even worse advertisement for XYZ tool, consulting or any flavor of Data Vault. The feedback of many people was that they want something different to the existing Business Intelligence Meetings. So, here it is!

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DB2 for Linux on S/390

e-Business Intelligence: Leveraging DB2 for Linux on S/390

Im Jahr 2001 hatte ich die große Chance an einem Redbook bei IBM mitzuschreiben. Was für eine tolle Sache! Ich habe nicht lange überlegt, sondern sofort zugestimmt. Das Thema war, die...

Das war eine professionelle Präsentation und der Inhalt war sehr gut! - 2. DDVUG

Cognizant Javid Amerian
Danke für den guten Vortrag beim TDWI zum Thema Data Vault! - TDWI Conference MUC 2014

LAS GmbH Martin Engler

Javier Bardem

"Es posible que el éxito te lleve a sitios a los que no quieres ir. Depende de ti seguir hacia adelante o ser fiel a tus raíces.
Möglicherweise bringt dich der Erfolg dorthin, wo du nicht sein willst. Es hängt von dir ab, ob du weitergehst oder deinen Wurzeln treu bleibst."
- Javier Bardem (*1969), spanischer Schauspieler -

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