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Where did I and where will I speak (2016)

Past, present and future, where did I speak and where will I speak at conferences?

Since my calendar fills up more and more with presentations at conferences I'll give you a summary to keep track on it. Some of them are already confirmed, for others I've submitted my abstracts but yet not confirmed.

In 2016 I'll be on some conferences, but not that much as 2015.
Hope to meet you at some of the conferences! Feel free to contact me.

Some people asked me, if I'll present at the WWDVC in USA, Vermont this year: "Unfortunately" not. This year it's family time! Family is always a higher prio.

So long,

Upcoming confirmed presentations

  • June 2016: Webcast with Exasol
      Data Vault on Exasol
  • June 2016: Germany, Munich, TDWI Conference 2015 Munich (Link)
      Data Design - Von den Rohdaten zur Entscheidung - Gemeinsam mit Andreas Wiener von reportingimpulse
  • October 2016: Germany, Berlin, Data Modeling Zone Europe
      From Conceptual to Physical Data Vault Data Model (Link)

Past presentation at conferences

  • March 2016: Germany, Stuttgart, TDWI Roundtable
      Data Vault für agile Data-Warehouse-Architekturen (Link)

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Das war eine professionelle Präsentation und der Inhalt war sehr gut! - 2. DDVUG

Cognizant Javid Amerian
Danke für den guten Vortrag beim TDWI zum Thema Data Vault! - TDWI Conference MUC 2014

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